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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dining Room

Dining Room
Originally uploaded by Scott Hargis
Not necessarily the sexiest dining room ever, but this shot feels like a real triumph.

Between the strong sun coming in the window, the dark table/chairs, the enormous mirror, and the salmon-colored walls (read: wacko color issues when bouncing strobes), plus the extended kitchen in the adjoining room, this had its challenges!

There's a SB600 on a high (5') stand immediately to camera right, bounced off the pink wall. Another SB600 on the floor at my feet at about 1/64th, aimed bare-bulb at the legs of the table/chairs. An on-camera 430EX w/ diffuser cap and fill card for fill.
In the kitchen, there are 2 SB24s -- One is just inside the doorway on the right, bouncing off the corner back into the main kitchen, and another is way back in the breakfast nook, out of sight to the left, for the rear-most wall.

For a room that should have been insanely high-contrast, I think I pulled it all in pretty well here. (__________ insert sound of chest thumping here)

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