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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

- The Flatiron Building, New York

It was beautiful in New York last night and as I was walking across 23rd St. to get to the subway to get back to Grand Central to go home I saw the Flatiron Building across the street.

For those of you who don't know this famous building, it is wedge-shaped on a sharp corner where 23rd St., Broadway and 5th Avenue intersect. Madison Square Park is behind me here so I could have backed up into the park to get some distance but my mind was set on getting home.

Figuring out how to photograph this building isn't easy when you're right next to it and it was getting dark and there were no lights on in the building (on this edge anyway) so it was a difficult exposure (for me). This shot was crying out for a tripod and I didn't have one nor was there a mailbox to lean on.

After I post this I'm hoping to find lots of other flickr images of this building so I can learn from them. I've got to get back there and give it another try.

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