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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

- Jewelers Building as seen from Hotel 71

Here's the Jewelers Building (also known as 35 East Wacker Drive, North American Life Building, Pure Oil Building). It's funny how so many buildings in Chicago have changed their names over the years. Anyhow this 40 story art deco building was finished in 1926 for Chicago's diamond merchants. The middle of the building had a car elevator so jewelers wouldn't get mugged walking to and from the building. (too bad that during World War II, they boarded over to make more office space.

I shot this from the 39th floor of Hotel 71 during my company's award ceremony. I like how the Unitron building has a nice sheen to its surface on the right. And the Chase Bank building can be seen poking up in the distance on the left. It's like Chase is saying, "hey buddy! what's up!"

There's also a fun close-up detail shot of this building at: "Close up of Jewelers Building."

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