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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Miniature New Orleans Room from the 1850's

This room is a miniature New Orleans bedroom I created in 1999 out of clay and paint. The room is decorated in the Rococo Revival style with Copes of 1850's New Orleans made furniture from the most fashionable of all antebellum furniture shops Famed French cabinet maker Mallard Prudent Mallard. A half tester bed, dressing table, armoire, shaving stand & pray due ( a chair to pray on at night) The decorative arts are made up of A mantel set after famed Paris porcelain maker Jacob Petit. Two vases and a clock. Over the mantel a oval Rococo Revival mantel mirror. A portrait of 3 French Creole girls. Over the armoire a framed hairwook wreath made from family members hair. The French Aubusson rug is NeoClassical. On the side of the bed a mid 19th century New Orleans portrait of the Sacred heart of Jesus Christ. The interior architecture of the Room is a 1830's Creole Cottage with Greek Revival Federal & Creole details. The door surrounds are Greek Revival Greek key. The transoms are Federal in style and the doors are cypress Faux painted to look like Mahogany and Birds eye maple. The Creole mantel is Faux marble grained.

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