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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

NYC - Bank of New York Building

The Bank of New York Building (48 Wall Street, center) was built in 1927-1929. The second bank in the independent United States and the first in NYC, the Bank of New York and Trust Company was founded in 1784. The bank occupied the same plot for two hundred years, from 1798 to 1998. The 32-story building is clad in limestone and features multiple setbacks that double as open-air terraces as well as Colonial style elements, such as the flanking thatched-roofed setbacks and the top in the form of a small temple, crowned with a copper eagle at 156.5 m. The three-storey base is clad in rusticated limestone. The 29,700 m² of space within the building has been modernized and remodelled, whereas the original banking halls on the first and second floors have retained their historic styling. The first two floors are connected by an elliptical entrance lobby and all three have ample marble decor. The interior features murals were made by J. Monroe Hewlett in 1929, depicting commercial and banking themes. The bank left the building for 1 Wall Street in 1997.

On the right, stands 40 Wall Street. On the left, stands 60 Wall Street.

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