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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Amazing Exterior Design of Art Museum Bergen, Norway

Amazing Exterior Design of Art  Museum Bergen, Norway
This is the photo of Art Museum Bergen, Norway. It is an old unique building. This is an amazing good looking building with terrific architecture design. This picture is possibly taken at night. The reflection of the building is beautiful. Wikipedia describes this building as follows:

more information, originally uploaded by Morten Hoff.

The Bergen Museum is a university museum in Bergen, Norway. Founded in 1825 with the intent of building large collections in the fields of culture and natural history, it became the grounds for most of the academic activity in the city, a tradition which has prevailed since the museum became part of the University of Bergen. Bergen Museum is divided into two departments, the Natural History Collections and the Cultural History Collections. It is also the caretaker of the botanical garden surrounding the natural history building, and the city's arboretum.

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