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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WIP - Mizuki's Living Room

WIP - Mizuki's Living Room
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Here is the sample picture of beautiful living room design with exotic decoration.
House Beautiful Design & Decorate: Living & Dining Rooms: Creating Beautiful Rooms from Start to FinishLiving Room: A Novel

I cannot wait any longer! My vanity wants the world to know (and possibly get excited about) my as yet unfinished living room for my Momokos. (As they are supposedly all living with Mizuki, it's her living room, then).

I couldn't find ANYTHING that I could use that I liked (and could afford), so lots of things here are made by me. The couch, for example. And some may recognize the bench from the calendar (I added planks for the lower shelf). The window had been put together from 2 standard ones, the bamboo blinds are from leftover bamboo cover that I've used for the sampan, and the "glass" bookshelf is formerly plastic bead storage. I'll take better pics of what's ON the shelves later. Especially since now I don't think the bookshelf fits and so I'm making another to go with the bench, which will help carry the Oriental feel to the room.
The room is still missing the curtains (the two antique buttons on the sides of the window are supposed to be pull-backs), the TV needs a better place to sit (probably I'll also make it), and there needs to be a rug or something, and maybe an armchair to go with the couch. Oh yes, and I need to hang up some pictures.

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